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AC 3 art

I finished AC3 today and it was okay. It takes place during the colonial America period and you play mostly a native american called “Connor”. He act’s kind of serious and sounds monotone. What’s really great about this is the navel combat and the hunting mechanics. While playing this you feel like the pawn instead of the hero in the end.
AC 4 I played awhile ago as a rental and it was pretty good. It takes place in 1715 in the Caribbean’s…pirate years…as I like to call them. The navel combat and hunting are back and you can craft things when hunting. AC 4 is also pretty bright and colorful even in HD compared to AC 3.
Heard the real value in these games are the multiplayer and I hope to try it out with Don when he has the time. I’d like to play co-op instead of competitively because I can get pretty…involved with some games. Comparing AC 3 to AC 4, AC 4 seems to be much better. AC 3 was both equally boring and fun and a lot of handholding in it.
To me I recommend AS 4 since it isn’t as serious and kind of fun. Especially the navel combat and the exotic locations of the Caribbean.