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Iwo Jima art

I remember watching this movie with my dad a long time ago. It’s actually about the Japanese side of the war and it make them human. Instead of soulless monsters like some directors but surprisingly not Clint Eastwood. It’s also a companion of Flags of Our Fathers also directed by Clint Eastwood as well. 

It was great as a foreign film as well as a war epic and Ken Watanabe was amazing in this. They basically knew they were going down but not without a fight. I hope I’m not spoiling it because that’s history. They also talk about almost all of the soldiers stories. This move even got a gold globe for best picture foreign language and it shows.

Haven’t really watched Flags of our Fathers yet but I will when I can. I’m sure it’s as good as this movie but I’ll have to watch it entirely one day.