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Bought GTA 4 and the Episodes From Liberty City on the PSN (PlayStation Network) and they’re pretty good. I remember playing GTA 4 on the Xbox 360 when it first came out. I was 17 and it was pretty good, it was about the American dream to foreigners and it was like a movie. There’s even some points in the game when you can be a decent person or evil.

The Episodes From Liberty City originally were DLC for GTA 4 but became they’re own games. I even had it for a little bit on the Xbox 360. Sadly I had the generation one Xbox 360 so it would make a grinding noise and then crash. I WAS able to play The Lost and the Damned and it was pretty okay.

The Ballad of Gay Tony I know some was borrowed for GTA 5 like the mission replay but I sadly haven’t played it but I hope to when I can. I heard there’s a lot of explosions and stuff as well as some added multiplayer modes as well. Hope to try these out when I can since I never played multiplayer for GTA 4 but hope it’s good.