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This time I’ll take on an independent classic as well as a public domain classic. Night of the Living dead is pretty good even to this day. Some of it’s exploits like how people react to crises and survival is borrowed for the Walking Dead. The movie also has an interesting take on human behavior where it’s basically every man for themselves.

There’s also some undertones about race as well with the black protagonist. It’s also amazing how it was all done in black and white even though there was a option for color.

The ending is also pretty chilling even for this day and age. The director was asked to have a love interest in the movie but he declined. Thought it was to hollywood and I like how the director George Romero did his own thing with this movie. Here’s also a link where you can download and even burn it to a dvd-r if you can. Don’t worry it’s public domain so you won’t get in trouble.