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King Kong art
I remember seeing this with my parents back in 2005. It opens up in the 1930’s New York during the Great Depression. The stars like Jack Black and the others are pretty good for the movie being three hours. One hour is New York, second is the island, and the third is back to New York.

The guy who played King Kong was the guy who played Golem. Meaning there was a real person behind the CGI and not just a picture or air. There’s a lot of talking in the movie and when they meet the islands natives they are nothing like the original. As well as all the other wildlife and there’s even a scene where there’s a giant stampede. I also like how they make King Kong just a misunderstood creature. Instead of a mindless killing machine since that’s kinda how most monster movies are. As well as having a helpless damsel in distress who just screams a lot. THIS version doesn’t have a lady who just screams a lot and actually contributes a little to Kong. She even warms up to him after she does some skits.

The original King Kong I never saw but I’ve seen people parody it sometimes. Also the original King Kong was Peter Jackson’s inspiration to do movies when he was a boy. I DO have the original on dvd so I guess I’ll have to take a look at the movie too. Heard that was one of the first movies to try stop motion and that is a dying art.

Anyway give both the original and the Peter Jackson remake a watch and see what you think you like. I liked the Peter Jackson one but it is pretty long and the audience sometimes lacks patience for long.