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GTA 5 art
I got this last year and I might get the PC of this but I’ll wait to see how it works on that. Where GTA 4 was about the American Dream GTA 5 is about this economy thing. in GTA 5 you get to play not one but three characters over the course of the main story, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

Each one as a special ability as Franklin can slow down time while driving. Michael can slow down time on foot, while Trevor can go into this rage mode and be invincible. Over the game you’ll have these big heist plans and people to help you out. You need to pick some decent people and not the bare minimum since they’ll get killed easely.

There’s also a bunch of other activities like tennis, golf, and other things like the stock market. As well as a bunch of collectables all over the big wide map of Los Sanotos and Blaine County. There’s also this big decision at the end of the game and three endings. Two of them kinda leave a bad taste in your mouth and mess up the tone.

GTA Online I only played once but it was pretty amazing and I was real nervous, worried, and a little excited. Since I never played online games and even my parents thought it wouldn’t be a good idea. Thought there would be people razing me and mocking me when I lose too much.

There’s also a setting on GTA Online if it gets to hectic where you can just play with your friends. Might have to try that out next time if I ever play it again. This game is a classic in every sense of the word and should be in your library.