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Mass Effect art
I played this on the Xbox 360 when I was 16 or 17. This is pretty much all those 80’s sci-fi movies in one and almost Star Wars worthy material. You play commander Shepard a guy or girl and whatever class you can pick. For the newcomers you can play the Solider to get a feel of what the game is like. It brings you to all these amazing worlds and on some you go into a small tank.

You also have options to be good or bad during the talking parts. The top of the text options is the positive and the bottom is the negative. You can also investigate and know more about certain people and places.

After you beat it though it feels like a pretty straightforward path at times or when you try a different path or class. The stuff you do also transfers to Mass Effect 2 and 3 and it sometimes takes awhile to complete all of the achievements.