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Slumdog Millionare art
I remember watching this in a writing class back in 2009. I kinda knew what the mood of the movie would be like. Think I even heard this thing from “Mind of Mencia” where the says “all 3rd world kids have in the world is being alive.”. Wasn’t until I saw this film it was sadly true but also made me appreciate what I have in the world. Basically it’s about a Indian kid from the slums trying to win the million dollar prize on Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionare. This movie was also made made by the same Director that did 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle, and it really shows.  

It starts of with our hero Jamal’s childhood all the way up to him being on the game show. I’m going to try not doing any spoilers since this is one of those movies that shouldn’t be spoiled. Seeing Jamal and this brother go though all of this at such a young age shocked me and it still does. At the end it’s pretty amazing and so true about good TV, movies, books, and even games maybe.

My friend Don also mentioned this was kinda based on the 2002 movie City of God when I bought Slumdog Millionare at a dollar store recently. Never really saw City of God probably because I was too young and it was an independent movie as well. Anyway Slumdog Millionare is a classic with all of the Indian music and locations as well. Even kinda mocks the Hindu caste system a little in the game show scenes, at least I think. I recomend watching it when you can. It’ll make you appreciate what you have in the world.