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Macross Plus art
First saw this on Sci-fi back when it was called that. They had and anime block for a bit and they first showed Macross Plus, I least I think. I kinda liked it at first since I was a fan of Robotech and Super Dimensional Fortress Macross so I thought it would be good. When it was over I did my research and found out Bryan Craston voiced Dyson. Also that he tried voice acting for anime before his Malcolm in the Middle days too.
Some consider this the Top Gun of anime and I think came out in 1995 on Starz, a premium channel. I won’t spoil much of it but if your a fan of anime, Top Gun, Robotech, or even Super Dimensional Fortress Macross give it a watch. This is pretty good for the mid 1990’s anime and you can get it on the Amazon Instant Video Store. At least that’s where I found it but it’s also I think on Youtube as well.
I also want to say that back then it was hard for anime fans to keep up with there hobby. It was these anime blocks like on Sci-fi and Cartoon Network did people really get into anime. Even before robotech and all that stuff in the 1980’s even.