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Watchmen book art
Today I’ll be reviewing a book or graphic novel or whatever its called now. The Watchmen by Alan Moore is probably one of the greatest books known to man for superhero fans or comic book fans. At times it’s sad and heartbreaking but it is so true about how superheroes wouldn’t work with the real world. Also how people would feel fear to change and other things. Even have some superheroes that can’t handle the burden of saving everybody in the world even know they can only save the people that are close to them. At the end I’m just going to say that’s reality sometimes in the world. I saw the movie when it came out in theaters but compared to the book it is just a shell of what the book can actually be. They came out with prequel trilogy books but I never read them. Thought they were just an attempt to try to cash in on the Watchmen franchise but some of them have pretty good artists and writers for them. At least that’s what I think but don’t expect a happy ending since this is the Watchmen universe.