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Gamera art
The gamera movies were made in the 1960’s in part with all the giant monster craze. Gamera is this giant turtle that can breathe fire and has rockets. He was made buy cheap Touhou knock off  that was low budgeted even more.  I think I saw the first movie on Hulu awhile ago and thought it was weird. Wasn’t until I saw the mst3k versions of the Gamera movies I was surprised how weird they were. You’ll have to take a look yourself because they stretch out the fight scenes between all of the movies. Meaning they always show flashbacks even know the movies were made every year from 1965 to 1971. They even made Gamera movies in the late nineties after the 90’s Godzilla movies ended. The Gamera movies are more serious in tone than the sixties movies. There’s also a lot of effort put into the miniatures for the sets for the nineties Gamera movies. I bought the Blu ray version of the 90’s Gamera movies and they only made 3. It takes a few watchings to get used to them and they also made another Gamera movie in the 2000’s but I never saw it. Anyway if you want to watch the gamera movies try the classic mst3k version’s. Since Joel and the guys make it easier to watch these movies. Soon I might be doing an mst3k review one day since it’s one of the greatest cult classics of all time.