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MST3K art
This show was made back in the late 80’s and ended I think in the late 90’s. Considered to be a, if not, one of the greatest cult classics of all time. It’s mostly about a guy called Joel Robinson getting sent into space for some reason aboard the satellite of love. He then makes some robot friends Crow, Tom Servo, Cambot, and Gypsy for company and to help him get though really bad movies.
Something about Dr. Forester and TV’s Frank trying to take over the world with really bad movies and Joel and the bots are the test subjects in it. They’ve cover a lot of bad movies like the Gamera Trilogy, as well as “Manos, Hands of Fate” which is considered the wost movie ever made. Some of the jokes are a bit dated but you can understand the subtext to them pretty quickly.
Later in the series Joel left and this guy Mike Nelson took his place. Joel did make a cameo but Joel was thought of as better than Mike. Since Mike at times tries too hard with the jokes. All in all it was a good movie and most of the cast members now do something called the Cinematic Titanic which I haven’t looked up yet but will. Sometimes I wonder if they can still do another MST3K one day even though bad movies now have nudity, bad language, and graphic violence in them now.
Reviewers now I think get a lot of inspiration from the MST3K episodes and really liked it. There’s even a thing on youtube called the MST3K Digital Archive Project where people post the MST3K episodes they taped long ago so people can watch them. Also because the MST3K DVD box set are overpriced and I think are in mono. Meaning the sound went down when making the DVD. Anyway look at some of the MST3K work when you can, it’s a surefire classic.