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Doctor who art
I remember when I first watched it in 2005 on CBC, the Canadian Broadcast Channel. It was the reboot and the writing was pretty good and some of the effects. Then during the David Tenant years I started to love it and it imprinted a lot on me since I was growing up around that time. Then I started watching the classic Doctor Who on Netflix, iTunes, and anywhere I could find it.
I even have some of the DVD’s of the classic who even the very first episode arcs. I was shocked to know that some of the early work from the 60’s was lost in a fire. I learned that from this episode recap from Channel Awesome from some guy called Diamanda Hagan. Some of the behind the scenes stuff he talked about I was shocked to know. Like in the Colin Baker years and the Sylvester McCoy years.
In new Doctor Who I was a little skeptical of the Matt Smith years since you might not know what you get with a new doctor. He ended up taking a lot from the second doctor Patrick Troughton and it seemed to work.
This show also made it into the world record book for the longest running TV show ever. I even remember they did a thing on BBC America where they did a Doctor every month. To get you hyped for the Day of the Doctor 50th years special and when they actually aired it I just loved it. Also the end of the special I didn’t quite see coming but it was pretty clever.
The Peter Calpaldi years I’m a little skeptical since he’s different from the last doctor but maybe I just need to let him sink in.