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Bruce lee fitghts back from the grave art.
This is another strange movie from the public domain. It’s a part of these “Bruceploitation” films made after Bruce Lee’s death to try and keep the memory alive. It starts with a blot of lighting hitting Bruce Lee’s Grave, and that’s as close as it is to Bruce Lee.
Then it begins with a kung fu instructor, Han Wook, played by Bruce K.L. Lea. He goes to Las Vegas to find his brother and when he does. He finds out he was a part of an opium ring and died. Han Wook takes what I think is his brother’s ashes or bones in this box wrapped around his neck. Then Han Wook encounters a girl Susan, and protects her from someone bad.
She explains that a Japanese guy, a black guy, a Mexican guy, and a cowboy were the ringleaders in the drug ring. Han Wook ends up defeating them one by one. There also this scene where Susan gets hurt and is close to dying so Han Wook uses acupuncture to save her even though I’m not sure if that really helps at all.
There’s also this scene where the cowboy uses a gun but I don’t think he even pull’s the trigger when shooting. At the end there’s this slight twist I won’t spoil for you. I think this movie was also made in Korea since I saw a Korean flag in a dojo scene.
Anyway this is a kung fu movie with bad dubbing so if you like that go ahead and watch it. You can even burn it to a DVD-R with this link below. Download the MPEG2 for that just so you’ll know.