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Homefront Art
I got this game on PC in a THQ farewell bundle. Something about that THQ filed for bankruptcy for some reason. I played it on Steam with a controller and it was kinda okay.
The story is about North Korea’s leader Kim Joung-il giving control to his son. He then unites the Korea’s, they take on the world, and actually succeed in doing so. Didn’t really understand the entire story. I remember Angry Joe saying in his review of this that North Korea couldn’t invade the U.S. if they wanted. Something about they couldn’t supply their armies for an extended occupation. Basically North Korea invading America is farfetched in reality.
While playing the game it was a little shocking all the war stuff. At some point you take control of a Goliath tank and it looks amazing. The freedom fights are pretty bland and you don’t really get attached to them. Even all the stuff that happens like the white phosphorus and stuff seems all for nothing.
The single player game is only 3 to 4 hours and I expected more for the game and the original Red Dawn writer. Yeah he helped make this even though it’s pretty short. Multiplayer I heard is real good but I haven’t played that part yet. Not because of trolling I just thought no one plays it but I’ll see if anyone on Steam does. Also heard they’ll make a sequel and I hope it’s better. Here’s also a a link to Angry Joe’s Homefront video review from YouTube. Just in case I wasn’t too specific or plagiarized him.
I hope I didn’t plagiarize I just watch other reviewers to try and get the point across. Also for some inspiration.