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the good earth book art
I read this as a part of my public library’s book club. The books about China in the 1930’s before they went Communist. It starts with this guy getting married in some China farmlands. After that they try to have a kid and the guy hopes for a boy. Since there’s something about if you have a girl it’s bad luck, just some Chinese superstition.
He ends up getting a boy and a lot of money. So much that he has enough to buy land for himself even. Then there ends up being a drought and famine and ends up losing his crops. The guy ends up getting a daughter and selling her into slavery, since they can’t afford anymore for housing. They even try eating mud for food calling it “The Good Earth”.
There’s also this one part where they guy’s family goes to the city to beg for money and food. The guy’s wife ends up stealing a bag of jewels after some kind of riot. They end up selling all the jewels except these two pearls, since her wife likes them. At the end of the book the guy slowly dies from old age and thinks things will get better.
Even though today there’s a lot of smog in China, the people working there are paid barley anything and are more like slaves, and don’t forget the Tianamin Square Massacre
they tried to erase.
I don’t hate China by saying all of that but they now always get the job done fast. Even though you should get it done RIGHT. They also made a movie of the book in the 1930’s but it’s kind of watered down at the end. It’s basically to Hollywood now today. Also with some of this remarks I hope I wasn’t being too mean.