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Carmilla art
You probably might not realize it but I don’t read many books. Sometimes I lack the patience, other times my mind drifts, or I just don’t feel like it sometimes.
A book I do remember is a book called Carmilla by Joesph Sheriden Le Fanu. It predates Dracula by I think 30 years and a lot of it was borrowed to make Dracula years after. By that I mean both are pretty similar since both are Gothic tales and about vampires.
Carmilla starts with this little girl that thinks a monster attacked her. As time goes forward the girl gets lonely since she lives in an old castle. Also that the nearest town is miles and miles away. She hears about a guest coming by but when she goes to meet up the the guest is killed.
Then some lady is dropped off by horse and carriage. It’s then found out her name is Carmilla, shes from a noble family, and that she lives far away. Carmilla and the girl start to be friends even though other ladies end up dying as days go by. The relationship between the girl and Carmilla ends up being like Carmilla’s in love with the girl.
I’m not going to spoil the ending but as a book I’m surprised I could remember it all. After I read this I loved it probably because of the lesbian overtones with the girl and Carmilla. Now I think it was to get more male readers but it made me want to read more about vampires.
I won’t read Twilight since I read the basic story on Flixter and it sounded dumb. Like it preaches abstinence but it’s targeted to an audience that’s staring to develop….certain urges.
Anyway Carmilla is public domain so you can find it pretty much anywhere. I recommend http://www.gutenberg.org/, a public domain eBook site since there’s a on option to send it to a cloud site too.