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Catch me if you can Boxart
This movie came out in 2002 and was directed by Stephen Spielberg. It’s about this guy Frank W. Abagnale Jr. coning as an airline pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer in the 1960’s. The thing here is that he did all of this before he was 21.
The movie starts off with a game show talking about why he did all of this. Then it goes to Frank in French prison in 1969, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He tries to escape but the flashes back to 1963 with his father, played by Christopher Walken, winning some kind of award. Later his father is investigated for tax fraud.
As his father slowly loses his fortune and gets divorced Frank runs away. He learns coning from some tips his father did earlier in the movie.
After coning as an airline pilot he starts to get the attention of an FBI agent Carl, played by Tom Hanks. Carl almost gets Frank but he gets away the first time they meet.
Then he cons as a doctor to throw the FBI off and then a lawyer. You probably know from the opening Frank will get caught eventually. Thought after he gets back to America the ending is actually pretty good and satisfying. I think this movie also started to create the 60’s craze until Mad Men perfected it a bit later.
Anyway this movie is pretty good as a biopic about Frank’s coning and struggle to get back his fortune.