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Ben-Hur poster

    I read the book to this by Lew Wallace first and understood some of it. Maybe it was because of some of the writing but when I saw the movie I just loved it. I was surprised that it was directed by William Wyler who did “The Best Years of our Lives” earlier too.

    This was when epics of Christ were goof and did actual effort in attracting the audience. Back then they were actual epics and just a grindhouse movie like Passion of the Christ.

    This epic starts with Christ being born with all of the people from the good book. Then it goes to a Jewish nobleman Judah Ben-Hur, played by Charlton Heston. He hears about what Christ is teaching the world. At first he’s skeptical about the word of Christ.

    Then after freeing a slave he’s convicted of murder when the roman’s come to visit. He’s then taken into slavery and even meets Christ in one scene.

    There’s also another part of the movie, the chariot race, which is considered a classic scene in cinema. I also heard a lot of people got hurt badly in that scene and I didn’t know until someone told me.

    I won’t tell you about what happens to Judah’s family because I want people to watch this. It is pretty long too so give it a watch when you have a lot of free time.