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Freedom Fighters cover
This comic/graphic novel that was made in 2007 and was considered controversial for it’s time. A little back story, this comic that was made originally in the 1970’s and took place on Earth X, a dimension where the Nazi’s wonder World War 2. They were basically the spark of hope in a world controlled by Fascists.
This book takes place after the events of Infinite Crisis with one of our hero’s, Firebrand. Hearing this voice telling him to meet him at the Mississippi river. It’s no other than Uncle Sam reborn in the river.
As the series goes forward we’re introduced to Father Time, the villain of the book. He plans to change America the way the Bush administration was considered to be. To this point where we have to take away freedom in order to save it. Uncle Sam then gets a new team of Freedom Fighters since he thinks the JLA (Justice League of America) and the JSA (Justice Society of America) will be too late to act.
There’s a lot of this after 9-11 scared government vibe and a slight twist at the end for Father Time. Anyway I think it’s good for it’s time and maybe even for today.
Since we as a nation sometimes need to be saved from ourselves. Also to be told when we’re wrong so we can learn from our mistakes and not just hide them.