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The Flash title card
I wasn’t a real fan of these live action superhero TV shows. It’s like they can’t quite capture the soul of the people or the powers. So it ends up kind of boring almost like Smallville, more of a soap opera, than a superhero epic.
When I first watched this on the CW I was skeptical but then saw that one of my favorite comic writers, Geoff Johns, helped make it. So I started to take it serious I watched it and it showed the soul of the people AND the powers. Also that it takes the comic mythos to the show as well.
The guy playing the Flash does a good job both as Barry Allen and the Flash. What some people also don’t know about the villains of the Flash. It’s that they’re pretty human, almost as human as anyone on the hero’s side. They just do a life of crime because that’s all they know sometimes.
Also the people that do Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Pied Piper, and maybe even the rest of the Rouge’s Gallery might be as good as the comics. I also won’t tell who the Reverse Flash is because it’ll spoil the surprise to it all. Anyway this is pretty good and not too serious and dark as Arrow is considered to be.