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I recently bought a Xbox 360 because I kind of missed my old 360. I had the generation one Xbox 360 but it got the red ring of death. Meaning that it overheated and I think I sold it to GameStop, since they’d accept damaged Xbox 360’s. Then Microsoft made another generation Xbox 360 and then made another generation 360 and that’s what I have. First I like the how I bought the arctic blue bundle with some games. Also how you can barely hear the fan noise when playing a disc.
Second I’m surprised at how many apps there is for this system and how you don’t have to pay extra for them. Some you can also pin to the home board so you don’t have to switch to another screen. I don’t have the kinect for the voice commands but I don’t really need it.
Third the games are pretty good and since the 360 has been around for so long. Most of the games don’t cost much, at least the disc games. There’s also some free to play games too but I haven’t been online with it. The online voucher that comes with the system doesn’t have an expiration date so you can use it when you really need it.
Anyway this Xbox 360 E seems like they got all the kinks out of the system. Even thought everyone I think moved on to the Xbox One and the PS4. I’m sure people are still playing the last gen systems still. I just have to have some hope.