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Call of duty black ops
I played this game a few years ago and I liked it for it’s setting in the 60’s. It starts with this guy strapped to a chair. While someone tells him what a bunch of coded numbers mean. As well as this search for an experimental nerve gas called NOVA-6. There’s then flashbacks of Cuba’s “Bay of Pigs”, Vietnam, and other settings as well.
The voicework is okay and I don’t quite know everyone’s names while playing this. There’s also multiplayer but I didn’t touch that still. At the end of the single player campaign is almost like The Manchurian Candidate. Probably wouldn’t be any good without that part. This is when I think the Call of Duty games started to get a little old l. It seems like they keep trying to out do the next game and the next game.
Anyway I still think this is the last of the good Call of Duty games so try and give it a play if you want to that is at least.