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Chappie art
Seeing this movie I thought it would be a mind blowing experience like District 9. Since the director made that and Chappie but I got a little hesitant because it didn’t get a good response on rotten tomatoes. The audience seemed to like it though and I thought it was good and had some potential. This pretty much has the same motif of giving machines thought and feeling.
This time in the movie it takes place in the near future of South Africa. Where the police force uses these scout droids to help them with their work. The guy who made them, Dion,  played by the Slumdog Millionaire kid and tries to give one of the scout droids thought and feeling.
He also gets attacked by some criminals and they keep the robot in some abandoned warehouse. The criminals also give him the name Chappie since he’s a friend. There also is the other guy,  played by Hugh Jackman that wants to use his military robot for the police but it’s too big and scary. Also looks more like a military robot instead of a police droids.
There’s also some twist and turns as well as some shocking moments too. I think the director was trying to hard for it to be like District 9 at times. You can give it a watch maybe on DVD and see what you think.