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Bioshock Infinite
Played this awhile ago on the PS3 and now played it for free on the Xbox 360 for gold members. It takes place in 1912 America so it’s kinda a prequel to the original BioShock. This guy Booker De Witt, a former private eye is sent to this floating city called Colombia to rescue a girl. When you first get there it’s pretty amazing and peaceful but when you get to the carnival’s lottery it’s pretty shocking.
There’s also a choice option but I heard it doesn’t matter when they happen at certain times. Around when you meet the girl, Elizabeth, I stopped playing because I heard this game is long and I kinda lack patience for long. It’s still pretty good as well even the DLC where you go to rapture from what I heard.
There’s also these vigors which give you powers like mind control and fire powers. As well as some guns from both the Colombia people and the Vox Populi. Oh also there’s this faction called the Vox Populi that are basically a socialist faction trying to take down Colombia. There’s also this old guy that wants to stop the leader of Colombia, Comstock, but wants to keep Colombia. I think you have the option to decide between the old guy and the Vox Populi but from what I heard the choices still don’t matter, I think.
Anyway this is a classic from the people who made the BioShock series. You should give it a try when you can and add it to your collection if you can.