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Top Mission Art

I saw this movie on YouTube recently. It was made by Godfrey Ho in the 1980’s Hong Kong, he is considered to be the king of b-movies and is teaching movie making I think in China. I first heard of him from watching the Cinema Snob when he reviewed Ninja Champion and Ninja Terminator.
After watching this movie I kind of like his work. It’s bad but the movies are so bad it’s good and I like the location and the exotic people you see. They kinda teach me that anyone can be a filmmaker if you try it.
Anyway Top Mission stars these two guys, a white guy and a black guy,  I kind of forgot their names. Just because I just saw it on YouTube last night.  They are assigned by the CIA to kill one of their former friend who is trying get to get experimental lasers from the government.
There’s also this bald Asian guy who ends up working for the villain and a club scene where he kills someone there. I don’t know why but I just like the music in that club scene. Then the villain gets the professor of the lasers and his family hostage but it backfires when an Asian government gets the professor and his family.
Then the bald guy breaks out of jail and gets a team to hold a plane hostage for the villain. As the governments try to negotiate for the hostages the white guy and the black guy attack the villain’s hideout. While the plane gets freed from the governments troopers and then the two guys back at the villain’s hideout kill the villain and that’s the end.
Overall I liked the different people staring it even though it was also poorly dubbed.  Also there’s boobs in it too so it might not be good for kids.  Anyway I found this channel on YouTube called “Godfrey Ho Cinema” when searching for his work on YouTube. I also tried to find dvd’s of his work on Amazon but they’re kind of overpriced and some are used too. Anyway if you want a good laugh and some Kung Fu action in your movie this is perfect.