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Catch22 art

I remember reading this book a few years ago and really like it. Even made me laugh a couple of times, probably because it was like a satire of war or that a crazy person wrote this book. The book takes place in World War Two Italy where some American pilots or soldiers stay. The just of the book is that War changes you no matter how strong you are.

Even my American History teacher told me that the military people were given too many missions that it made them crazy. I liked also that I could understand the language and writing at times. Since with other books I can’t quite understand the language or the writing at times. Like it all had to sink in for awhile after I read it or when I got visual aid like the movie or the illustrations in the book.  I won’t spoil the ending though since it’s pretty shocking and weird but that’s what this book is about.

 This book is also required reading sometimes for World War 2 History in school even thought it was printed in 1961. They also made a movie but I didn’t see it since I think it might be a shell of the book like some book to movie adaptations. You can also find this book at your library since that’s where I found it too and it’s going to be a weird ride when you read it for the first time.