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What can you say about the James Bond classic made in 1964. This was what got people into the James Bond franchise. This time he takes on Goldfinger a rich guy that just loves gold and it’s color. Goldfinger also has a manservant Oddjob who has a metal rim on his hat like King Lao from Mortal Kombat.
There’s also James Bond’s new car that also has ejector seats in it too. As well as some scenes that show you how it works. Even this one scene where Bond gets captured and Goldfinger has him tied down and uses a laser to kill him.
There’s also Pussy Galore a lady pilot that’s allied with Goldfinger in a scheme that involves Fort Knox. That’s also where I think I’ll stop and try not to spoil too much and let you all see it yourself. The movie is a classic and it was amazing seeing all the sets and the 1960’s feel as well.