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Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle

This is a comic book story arc from the 1970’s about Tony Stark’s alcoholism. There’s also this lady, Bethany that kinda looks like Mary Jane that helps Stark with his drinking problem. At first his drinking problem seems out of nowhere at times and he might just not know when to say when. Until Justin Hammer shows up and this is the comic book Justin Hammer which is a old guy. Instead of the rich jerk Justin Hammer in the movies that a bit younger.

After Justin Hammer get’s someone to sabotage Tony Stark’s armor to make it look like Tony killed someone. He just takes it real hard and gets drunk while in his Iron Man armor trying to help someone. He then finds where Justin Hammer is which is some flying mansion he built and got some bad guys to act as protection too. Tony then comes to this final decision with booze after defeating Justin Hammer.

Most comic readers know this story already and it might seen a little dated with some of the writing and other things. Although I think it’s one of Marvel’s best stories they’ve done throughout the years. Now there’s these stories today where Tony Stark ended up relapsing during the Fear Itself event. Which I heard was one of Marvels WORST event arc’s they ever did. At least that’s what I heard, I read the first issue and it seemed all over the place. When I heard Tony relapsed during Fear Itself I thought it was mostly shock value and nothing like him. It was good that after Fear Itself the Iron Man comics took advantage of it by his enemies using that fact that Tony relapsed.

Also this was never mentioned in the movies or that funny CGI cartoon which was kind of disappointing. Because the alcoholism story could help some people and maybe some underage drinkers for the cartoon. The alcoholism story was also a little different in the Ultimate Iron Man comics where Tony when down the road of underage drinking. There’s also some scenes in The Ultimate’s where he drank even the hard stuff during the day. Anyway this is a pretty good story about the dangers of booze and how people can get hurt sometimes so try and give it a read when you can. It’s also essential Marvel reading if you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe.