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I don’t read many Spider-Man comics since it all seems average and the same. Also his enemies seem at times to be one dimensional overbearing bullies. They at times just take their anger on people who can’t fight back and then Spider-Man comes to stop them. That’s what I thought most of the comics were, at least the cartoons made me think that.
The story is about Kraven doing this one final hunt for Spider-Man. At first it seems like Kraven won and he wears the black spider suit to fight crime his way. On the surface it seems like Kraven is just trying to destroy Spider-Man’s reputation but Kraven says he’s trying to be the Spider. There’s also some scenes where Kraven goes crazier trying to fight a giant spider. Kraven also tries to capture this weird guy the Vermin to hunt him I think.
I’m not going to spoil the ending too much for Kraven but he seemed a bit redeemable at the end before he did what he did after that.

I read this because I found this article online about the top 10 Marvel graphic novels and this was in it. Here’s the article if you all want to take a look. http://whatculture.com/comics/10-marvel-graphic-novels-must-read-die.php