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I think I remember watching this on live TV as a baby but only remember bits and pieces of it though. Wasn’t until I saw it mentioned on the Nostalgia Critic’s review of the NickComs I remembered it. Then I started watching bits of it on youtube because that’s how they posted it I think. Also I got the first two seasons one Christmas and I heard there’s another season but couldn’t find it on amazon.

Anyway I heard this show started out as a bunch of shorts and then they made it into a show. It seems weird but not too weird to the point where it isn’t relatable or bad. It also had both the overblown issues and views of kids and teenagers too which made it more relateable. It was also one the of the best shows they ever had at the time. Maybe even one of the the greatest they ever had. Had a lot of funny setups and good writing as well.

You can see this also on youtube in snippets just to see how amazing it is. I think they made 3 seasons and the final one might be on youtube probably because the DVD’s didn’t get many sales.