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Here’s another classic from Marvel that I think was made in the 70’s or 80’s, I’m not really sure. This story is famous for also introducing William Stryker, a right wing militarist that was also introduced in the movie X2.
In this story he’s a Reverend that is kind of like Pat Robinson and every televangelist that was around at the time. He creates this “Stryker Crusade” to kill mutants and it begins with them killing some mutant kids. As the story goes on Stryker tires to use religion and the Bible to justify his actions. There’s a lot in here about racism, extremism, and the final battle between Stryker and the X-Men made me feel hopeful for the X-Men. Even made me cry a little for a moment since I sometimes thought the X-Men stories didn’t really go anywhere.

This is also another title of the best graphic novels made by Marvel and here’s the link below.