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Just read this and I was surprised at how weird this comic was and how strange. It starts off with some former hero’s joining the Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort or H.A.T.E as it’s called. They fight these Bizarre Weapons of Mass Destruction (BWMDs) at first. The roster for Nextwave is Photon, Machine Man, Meltdown, Else Bloodstone, and The Captain, just so you’ll know.
After their first fight they find out that H.A.T.E used to be a terrorist organization and try to kill Nextwave. This is also where I’ll stop and just let you guys read all of it and see how strange it is. You should start off with This is What They Want and that acts as volume 1.

Also another one of the considered classics of the Marvel graphic novels. You can check it out on this site too. http://whatculture.com/comics/10-marvel-graphic-novels-must-read-die.php