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When reading this it was reminiscent to me of the Marvel anime Wolverine I saw a long time ago. Both are about Wolverine going to Japan to see Mariko and find out she’s getting married to some abusive jerk. This book also had the Silver Samurai, the Hand, Yukio, and even the X-Men at the end of the story.
Both the book Wolverine, and the anime it’s based on have some different parts probably because they’re adaptations and they need to be a little different. The ending for the book was a little heartbreaking but the ending for the anime seemed like cheap cop out. Also in the anime Omega Red makes an appearance even though he seems out of place the entire time.
If I would compare the two I think the book is a lot better. The anime seems kinda boring or at least the dubbing wasn’t as good.

This book is also another one of the greatest graphic novels Marvel has made.  Here’s the link too. http://whatculture.com/comics/10-marvel-graphic-novels-must-read-die.php