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I might not go too into depth in this book since I don’t quite like the Punisher. Since he’s more of a vigilante and as much as he kills it won’t bring back his family. Anyway it’s the same stuff you’d expect with the Punisher him killing criminals. Then as the story progresses some people try his way of justice. A priest that calls himself the Holy, a white guy with a mask called the Elite, and a guy trying to help the middle man called Mr. Payback.

Some of this book was borrowed for the movie which I heard is pretty bad as well as it’s sequel. Like the Russian and that was pretty much it. As well as the crime boss getting mauled by a bear too. At the end I kind of saw it all coming but the Punisher isn’t my cup of tea.

He was teamed up later in the Thunderbolts and with the Superior Spider-Man and Daredevil but that’s a different story for another time. I read this because it was a part of the essential reading of Marvels top Graphic Novels. Here’s the link to it as well.  http://whatculture.com/comics/10-marvel-graphic-novels-must-read-die.php