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Kickboxer art

When I saw this on Crackle just recently at first I didn’t take it as seriously. Not because of Jean Claude Van Damme but because it was on crackle and I don’t like commercial blocks in movies. Not because there are blocks but because they have too many stretched out and might be just the same one over and over. Also when Van Damme talks it’s like his accent is too thick even for a French or Belgian guy. Anyway this movie starts out with Van Damme’s brother fighting in a kickboxing tournament and winning.

They then go to Thailand to fight this guy called “the Tiger” but his brother get’s his back broken. Van Damme get’s his brother to a hospital by this black guy Winston. At the Hospital Van Damme finds out his brother can’t walk again after that blow to his spine. After that he goes around trying to do a montage and finding trainers for Muai Thai Kickboxing. The choreography for the kickboxing is okay for a Van Damme movie that is and I think he helped with it as well.

Some of the dialogue from the Thai people sounds dubbed at times if you look close enough. Or even care, but anyway Van Damme goes into some town for this trainer guy to help him. The trainer tells him to go to the store and after that there’s another training montage. There’s even this scene where the trainer and Van Damme go to a bar and after a few drinks, he starts to dance a little and he seems to do pretty well. He also find love with the trainer’s daughter but after a bit she gets kidnapped and attacked by the Tiger.

At the end Van Damme’s brother get’s kidnapped by the Tigers goons and threaten to kill his brother if he fights.  During Van Damme’s fight with the Tiger the trainer and Winston go to save Van Damme’s brother. They arrive at the mach and Van Damme beat’s up the Tiger and wins.

This is a pretty basic martial arts/revenge film but it seems to have a bit of a cult hit. With only having around 65% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so if you want to see some action and 1980’s clichés, go ahead. They also made about 4 or 5 sequels I think but I’m not sure about those. Since sequels and get better and better, or worse and worse either way but still, give Kickboxer a watch on Crackle or whatever when you can or want to.