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Daredevil Art

Never really read Daredevil comics but the premise was pretty amazing, a blind superhero. I first knew about him though the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon and then later the movie in 2003. Something about when Matt Murdock was a kid his eyes were doused in nuclear waste and lost his vision. After the accident he was able to hear, smell, and feel better after the accident. Then this guy “Stick” taught him how to fight with his new enhanced senses while growing up.

While growing up he became a lawyer with his friend Foggy. Then also decided to fight crimes at night in Hell’s Kitchen calling himself Daredevil. Also he use to have a girlfriend, Karen, who was his secretary but she left him to do movies. She then got addicted to heroin and in this story she gives up his identity as Daredevil. All for another hit.

As the story progresses Matt goes to this home and it get’s bombed by the Kingpin, a crime lord and his enemy. After that happens Karen goes back to New York to try and make amends with Matt. Matt starts to get paranoid thinking everyone’s out to get him. After getting beaten by some thugs he find refugee in some church. Also finds out something about one of the nuns working with him there as well.

Karen also get’s into some trouble as well along the way with some people. While the Kingpin sends his goons to a hospital to stop a reporter, Ben Ulrich, from trying to investigate. Also sends some guy Nuke, a crazy solider who takes Speed to try and kill Daredevil. As Karen and Matt unite she apologizes for what she did to him while the reporter tries to cover the story about Daredevil.

There’s this final scene where Daredevil and Nuke fight and just when he’s about to kill him the Avengers show up to take Nuke in. Then it ends with Karen and Matt getting back together.

The story of his secret identity exposed sounds good but it seems to not affect all the people around him…..until much later that is. There’s also been stories in recent comics where now he tries to cope with it being exposed but seems to handle it. There’s even been stories where Daredevil got his vision back but was scared of heights and couldn’t use his enhanced senses as well. It’s been done recently in the Superior Iron Man where Matt get’s his vision back but for him.

This story was okay and was written by Frank Miller in the 1980’s and I never really read his work until now. Heard he gets attacked for being a overly violent perv but I hope to read Batman: Year One to see if that’s true. Maybe even the Dark Knight Returns if I can since I heard it was a classic.

Read this story because of the top ten Marvel graphic novels you must read before you die article. Here it is and I hope you all try to give some of the titles you see and read when you can.  http://whatculture.com/comics/10-marvel-graphic-novels-must-read-die.php