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Snake in Eagles Shadow art

Saw this on Crackle a few weeks ago and it had Jackie Chan in it too. First the dubbing is okay and the movie starts with 2 rival masters seeing who will win. This is also some of Jackie Chan’s early work, the choreography is good and Jackie Chan looks kind of young in this movie. He starts out s an orphan being bullied by his classmates until he befriends and old guy.  The old guy gets into a fight with some of the students and Jackie tries to help him. Then a white preacher comes by to break up the fight and then after that old guy teaches Jackie how to fight. Old guy teaches him by trying to get Jackie to take a bowl from him. Old guy also teaches Jackie some steps and moves he put on the ground too.   After that old guy and white preacher see each other and old guy tries to avoid him. Then old guy fights an Eagle student in the Snake training grounds and both him and white preacher try to kill him but old guy escapes. Old guy then get’s healed by Jackie and he teaches him Kung Fu. A bit later Jackie’s school gets into a fight another school then Jackie’s school master goes to the rival school’s ace. The ace tries to kill the master but Jackie stops him and then they fight and Jackie wins.  Then when Jackie gets back home he meets one of old guys so called friends. Then after that there’s a scene where a cat fights a cobra and kills it. Old guy and Jackie meet in some field where they encounter the so called friend and white preacher which is some fighter from Russia. After they’re defeated Jackie’s school master tires to stop them thinking he poisoned them. He didn’t and I think Jackie and old guy walk off somewhere, I’m not sure since the ending was like all Kung Fu movies.  It’s still pretty good early work for Jackie Chan and if your a fan if his movies this is required at least that’s what Crackle said.