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american sniper

At first I heard this was a bit of propaganda from some people. Also dad spoiled the ending when scanning through it on his own. I was surprised that Clint Eastwood did this since he can be a good director when he can like in Letters From Iwo Jima and Grand Torino, which I WILL review one day. Anyway the movie starts with the sniper played by Bradly Cooper, at the front lines. Then it flashes back to his upbringing hunting with his dad. Then he joins the Navy Seals after seeing an uprising on TV with his brother after a rodeo.

He seems to do good for the training that’s being thrown at him and then he meets a girl at a bar before his sniper training. They start to hang out every now and then and then get married. The sniper gets sent to the front lines and gets his first people kills, a boy and his mother, and has regrets at first. Then it ends up being in the middle a sniper vs. sniper story when he tries to stop a rival sniper from killing a kid. That sniper vs. sniper story dates back to Vietnam my dad told me, also thought it would be an action movie but it’s a drama.

There’s also this scene with him pinned down at some building and then a sandstorm comes by. Thought that was the end but it wasn’t and it was hard to see everything when it hit. I also remember this quote from the movie when the sniper says “Hell of a thing to stop a beating heart.” and that’s so true. The ending I won’t give away since I don’t want to spoil it for all of you but it’s pretty powerful. Even touched my dad a little.

The whole movie seems okay like a 7 out of 10 and my dad thinks Bradly Cooper looks like Sean Penn. Even though Clint Eastwood can be a good director and some of his work was amazing too. This movie is just okay but give American Sniper a watch when you can and see what you think of it.