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Chocolate movie

This movie is a foreign martial arts film about a autistic girl that learns Muay Thai. That just about caught my eye since I’m autistic too, well I have Asbergers syndrome but that’s close. The movie begins with this stand off where a guy and a girl meet, they get together and she leaves the guy to protect him. The girl then has a daughter Zen which is autistic and when she and her mother are at home. Some people come to rough her up for leaving them and they cut of her mothers big toe.

Zen then starts to lean Muay Thai thought some people training and thought some martial arts movies. While preforming somewhere under a bridge Zen gets into a fight with some punks and wins. Then Zen’s mother goes for some operation while Zen goes over some moves on video. Her cousin also finds out her mother is in a lot of  debt though some book. Zen, after a meltdown cuts her hair as protest and then when sleeping has a trippy dream sequence.

Then she and her cousin go to find the people who owe her mom money. They refuse but she ends up using Muay Thai to beat them up and get the money from them. I felt an instant connection with Zen since I’m autistic and the girl who play her is amazing. What’s also amazing is that she doesn’t seem to kill any of the people who owe her mom money.

There’s also this scene where there’s a butcher shop and Zen gets scared of all the files but her cousin comes to help her. Then her mothers people or debt collectors find out where she is and try to find her. They capture her cousin and her father comes to I think Thailand to help Zen and her mother. After beating up some thugs, Zen encounters another ace with autism. The ending is pretty action packed and a little sad too but this movie made me what to learn about Thailand at the library. Maybe even learn Muay Thai if I can since I heard it can help people with autism focus and defend themselves.