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Dawn of the Dead art I never really saw the original Dawn of the Dead until now. Saw the remake but the original is better than that remake of Dawn of the Dead. It starts off at a TV station showing how the zombies are slowly attacking. Also The Goblins, the band used for the Dawn of the Dead, I first heard they’re music from Hell of the Living Dead when the Cinema Snob reviewed it. Dawn of the Dead also looks good in color especially in High Definition. Then at the TV studio a girl and a guy try to leave the studio while some SWAT guys do a raid on some building. When the shootout happens it’s kind of terrible seeing the living kill the living in these movies. Zombies are also at the building where the SWAT team is and they try and kill them. The makeup I think is okay for the movie and in color, so was the Walking Dead too. A black guy and a white guy from the SWAT team try to talk, bond, and escape the SWAT team. The guy and girl meet the SWAT guys at a police station where they take a helicopter. When going around in the helicopter they see the activity on the ground of the living trying to kill the zombies. They go to refuel and when the guy gets in trouble the girl doesn’t seem to help. There’s also a scene where a zombie gets his part of head cut off from one of the helicopter blades too. Also black guy kills some zombie kids as well. They then discover a mall where they decide to live there. Also they lure and contain the dead so the place can be safe inside. There’s also some subtext about mall shoppers as well in the movie. Even though mall are kind of dying today with all this online shopping now. They seem to enjoy the place and most of the movie I think is this. They also find out the girl is pregnant even though there’s scenes of her smoking and drinking still. Then some bikers come by and try to raid the mall and Tom Savini’s one of them too. The gore in this movie isn’t too over the top like in Day of the Dead and I’m kind of glad. Then the guy, I think his name is Steve, gets shot, then bitten by the zombies. Black guy and girl then finish him off to save him from a fate worse than death when they get inside. The end I can say is a bit on the lighter note then in Night of the Living Dead I can tell you that. I also heard they did the movie at night when the mall was closed. Which would seem kind of hard if you think about it. Anyway this is a great movie and a classic regardless of the zombie craze. give it a watch if you can or not as scared easily.