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bucket of blood art

This movie made by Roger Corman in 1959 starts off with a guy doing poetry in an old coffee shop. The main character is a busboy named Walter, played by Dick Miller. Also there’s an undercover cop that hangs out out at the coffee shop, as a way to scope out criminals.

Walter tries to do sculptures at but doesn’t quite know what to do. Until he tries to get a cat out of his wall but ends up killing it. He decides to sculpt over the cat and tries to put it in the coffee shop. The people seem to like the sculpture even though it doesn’t seem to stink. Also the cat would be heavy even with clay on it. Everyone at the coffee shop seems to like it but the undercover cop is suspicious about it.

This woman at the coffee shop gives Walter a little tube of something and he takes it with him. A guy then follows him to his home and tells him he’s an undercover cop. Also that he’s under arrest for position of heroine since that’s what was in the tube. Walter ends up killing him since he doesn’t want to go so he kills him.

The owner of the coffee shop finds out Walter’s first sculpture was fake when it falls. He tries to call the cops but the buyer gives him a lot of money for it. Walter then shows the owner and this girl he likes his new sculpture. Which is the cop guy just sculpted over and the girl suggests a collection of his sculptures. Walter then is happy when he gets money for his sculptures and that he’s an artist, even though he murdered someone.

Walter then kills a woman at his home after a fight they had at the coffee shop then sculpts over her as well. All the coffee shop people like him and like more sculptures. So he ends up killing a random guy for another sculpture.

Walter then one night asks the girl she likes to marry him but she refuses. He then asks to sculpt her after his collection exhibit show and she find out they’re fake and people. After Walter chases the girl the people at the art show find out the sculptures are people as well. The undercover cop and some of the coffee shop people chase Walter and try to find him.

At the end he hears the voices of the people he murders and at his home he still hears them. So he ends up hanging himself as his greatest work and to stop. This movie seems pretty good for a Roger Corman movie and it’s mostly a black comedy. There’s a DVD-R version of this but it looks like it was ripped from a tape as far as I know. I watched the MP4 HD version which you can try if you really like HD.

Here’s the MPEG2 version. https://archive.org/details/ABucketOfBlood1959_931

Also the HD version too. https://archive.org/details/BucketOfBlood720p1959