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I first saw this on TV a long time ago and thought it was okay. Then I saw it on cinemassacre.com as one of the video reviews uncut I was surprised and a little scared too. Of all the over the top gore that is as well as other stuff. Starts with our lady hero longing to be outside even thought shes in a room. She wakes up on a helicopter after touching a calender and the people in the helicopter land near the city to see if there’s any survivors. There isn’t but there’s an alligator in the city that got turned, maybe?

After that they go an land near this bunker that’s underground which is supposed to be their home. One of the survivors think about escaping to some island to get away from all of it but they can’t because of the soldiers. Most of this movie I heard is mostly talking and I think that’s true after watching it now. Also it’s kinda claustrophobic in this underground confined place most of the movie. The soldiers here are jerks and their commander is an even bigger jerk than all of them combine. There’s also a professor they call Frankenstein that tries to study them and he looks like all those crazy doctors in movies. The professor also teaches this one zombie, Bub, about stuff as a was to control them a bit.

The gore here is also over the top and pretty graphic even in HD. Also I swear one of the guys is Mr. Bean in this movie too. During getting another zombie for research a solider gets his arm bitten and they cut it off and burn where his arm got cut off, So he doesn’t bleed out so much.

After the commander goes crazy and kills some of the scientists as well as put some of the survivors in the zombie room. There we also see the shovel kill too where the zombie is still going. The remaining survivors take the back way out of the bunker to the helicopter. While the guy who got bitten lures the zombies into the bunker to kill the soldiers. These are some pretty graphic scenes of the soldiers getting ripped apart as well as the commander who gets shot a couple of times before that happens.

I heard they used cow guts for all the gore they used and they ended up getting spoiled so even the actors are suffering in these scenes as well. There’s also a light at the end of the tunnel I’ll just say at the end of this movie. This movie is also considered to be the best of the Dead series with some people. To me it felt a little slow with all the talking scenes at times and no real action until the end. That’s just what I think and you can give this a watch on Netflix if you want to. Since that’s where I watched the uncut version and I’ll even give Land of the Dead a watch and review one day too.