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MI-5 art

I first saw this show on PBS then on Netflix until it was pulled just because of being on too long. It’s called “Spooks” in Britain and it is basically their version of 24 but more espionage goes on than just touring people. Considered to well acted and even had celebrity guests like Hugh Laurie and sometimes even better than 24.

Uses the side by side scenes like 24 but a bit better. Then again I didn’t watch 24 that much since I thought it was just about torching people. That seemed like at times “Might Makes Right” even though it doesn’t always work like that. Also Kiefer Sutherland is Canadian with surprises me at times since he doesn’t have an accent.

Anyway it’s also about their jobs and life’s outside of MI-5 that I think makes it good because they have something to fight for. The final episode of this series is when the lead commander guy of the MI-5 team gets deported to America because he was born there technically.

Also heard in some article that MI-5 will make a comeback in a mini series. Where the guy and his new team handle some of the stuff in America. Which sounds pretty cool even though I didn’t see many episodes but the description for them were pretty amazing. This show is also on Hulu Plus if you ever want to take a look at it and stuff or wanted 24 to have more of a brain sometimes.