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RE Damnation art

I first heard about this movie when I was watching Phelous, another movie critic that was doing the Resident Evil movies. Both Live action and CGI versions of the movies. This CGI movie is about Leon trying to stop terrorists from trying  to take over the fictional nation of “Eastern Slav Republic” even though it’s called “the country” most of the time. Leon here is also one of the characters from RE 2 who survived and became an American government agent after the the Racoon City incident. It’s explained in RE 4 if that helps at all.

The CGI is better in this movie than the previous CGI movie even though the voice actor for Leon has changed. The CGI is also like I’m watching one of the Resident Evil games with some of the action. The terrorists also use these bio organic weapons or BOW’s from the Umbrella Corporation called Lickers. They control them by using a main las plagas parasite for one person. It allows your personality intact but the main plagas will soon take over them eventually.

The las plagas infected act more like zombies at times in the movie. Even though in RE 4 and 5 they were more like people still. Ada Wong is also in this movie and she meets up with Leon in the middle. Both of the voice actors in this movie I think are amazing in this movie too. Ada also explains to Leon that the country will be purged soon and then she leaves.

Later Ada and Leon find out there’s a las pagas hive under the county’s government building. The terrorists also make their way into the hive as well and to stop the lady president. Then these big guys out of pods come out and try to kill the terrorists and Leon. They get backed near a locked elevator but Ada helps unlock it from somewhere else.

The big guys also surface but then it’s discover they’re Tyrants, people who bonded with the T-Virus instead of it killing them. Leon tries to stop him but they terrorist guy stops the Tyrant with a tank and then shoots him. Then some more Tyrants show up and Leon and terrorist guy try to escape.

Leon make his last stand but then some American jets come by and shred the last two Tyrants. Since the Americans were keeping an eye on him the whole time. Terriost guy tries to kill himself since he doesn’t want to mutate from the main plagas. Leon then takes the gun and says he needs to move forward and seems like he kills him. At the end Ada contacts her superior and says she has a plagas with her. Also terrorist guy lives after the main cast credits roll. Since Leon mentioned something about the risk of having a las pagas removed is death or paralysis. So he shot of his main plagas instead of killing him.

This movie is pretty good compared to the live action RE movies which are kind of boring at times. These CGI movies are pretty good and you should at least give this movie a watch if your a RE fan since newcomers might not understand it.