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five deadly venoms art

This was the first time I saw a Shaw Brothers kung fu movie. I first heard about them from the Cinema Snob when he did the Crippled Avengers. Also from the opening of Kill Bill Volume 1 which I recently saw on Netflix. This movie starts off with is old guy which I thought was taking a bath. Actually he’s trying to cure himself from some kind of poison as he said.

The old guy mentions his old students and each style of kung fu they have. Centipede, Snake, Scorpion, Lizard, and Toad styles. Old guy then tells his apprentice to stop them when he can because some of the students use their styles for evil. Then the old guy mentions donating money to charity from a rich clan so the five can find and notice him.

The apprentice disguises himself as some dirty guy to try and scan out the five and where they meet up. Some of the five then keep these people prisoners for their money, also to lure out some old guy. This guy also tells the apprentice about the guys that attacked the place and that he saw one of them. The guy  then tell the authorities about one of them later, saying he has a beard.

The authorities try to stop the bearded guy but this other guy stops him while the authorizes just stand there. They capture the bearded guy and show him to some nobleman. Then there’s a trial where the bearded guy gets his legs hurt for some reason. Noble guy then tires to get a pardon for the bearded guy and the head of the authority to move the bearded guy.

The witness then gets beaten a little to change what he said he looked like. They then go to this restaurant where the other guy is and the other guy goes with them without fighting them. During the trial the other guy starts fighting because he knows he didn’t do it. The authorities then lock up the other guy while the noble guy thinks about torturing him.

Other guy passes out and they use this Iron Maiden to torture him but he gets out of it. Noble guy is found out to be Snake, while the other guy is Toad. They fight again and then Toad is put in the Iron Maiden and it looks painful. They don’t get a confession out of him and they put this hot metal on his back and he gets a big burn mark.

Beard guy might also be Centipede then he and Snake go and kill the witness by putting some curved metal rod down this throat. Toad I think is water boarded and then dies in his cell and some guards try to make it look like he hanged himself. Then Snake and Centipede kill the head of the guard as well. Then they wonder where Lizard is too, and Scorpion is also on their side as well.

Lizard guy is found out to be one of the guards who tired to help Toad. Also apprentice guy tells Lizard about this master when fighting him. Apprentice and Lizard then do some training somewhere. Then there’s a big fight where Lizard and Apprentice fight Snake Centipede. Also Snake finds out Lizard guy’s friend is Scorpion. Snake and Scorpion get killed then Apprentice and Lizard finish off Centipede. Then they find some map where some treasure is and then the movie ends.