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I recently bought an Xbox One since I wanted to try a next gen console. Everyone says the PS4 is better but I don’t like going with the group all the time. Also the backwards compatibility for the PS4, PS Now, relies too much on the Wi-Fi for the older games. I even tried PS Now for a trial and it was okay but had glitches on some games.
What caught my eye about the Xbox One is the backwards compatibility coming out in November and also because you can use the over the air antenna with some special tuner. Which I got after I tried out the Xbox One. Some of the games seem okay and the achievements for the apps seems alright. It’s great that it can get play Blu-ray’s since the 360 couldn’t do that. Also I heard the Xbox One is also an entertainment system and that you can add a portable hard drive to expand the memory of the Xbox One. Also that it’s about community and other players too.
When people were reviewing this between the PS4 they said the PS4 had better graphics but I’ll see how the backwards compatibility works with the Xbox One in November. There’s something also about how it’s region free DLNA system and can play mp3 files too. Anyway it seems like both the PS4 and Xbox One have their strengths and weaknesses so to each his own I guess.