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When I first watched this I thought it was kind of weird but the action was good. Then as the story unfolds every season it seems to get better and better. It’s also made from the director of Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar and Steven Universe as more continuity compared to Adventure Time.

The voice acting, and writing are good at times but I kind of wished the episodes would go on a bit longer for Steven Universe. This also seemed like the only show keeping Cartoon Network’s attention after Ben 10: Omniverse got cancelled. 

Also heard that this show might be cancelled and the fans just took it too hard a bit but I hope it ends well or finds better luck on Netflix or some other place. Anyway this is a great show for both young and old and it’s at times the the old Teen Titans show. Not like Teen Titans Go!, since it seems like it’s pretty bad and giving kids horrible lessons about life at times. Steven Universe though seems like they teach the valuable life lessons better and have good stories.