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First remember watching this on Spike TV back in 2005. It’s mostly a spin off of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Federation captain Benjamin Cisco takes over an old mining station formally owned by the Cardassins. There he tires to make peace with both the Cardassins and the Bjorn. As well as a new threat to the Federation called the Dominion.
There’s also a shape shifter Odo and they guy who plays him is real good. It got better when Worf was added to the cast and the uniforms changed, the uniforms made me think of Star Trek: First Contact.
There’s also some instances where the some of the cast goes to the mirror universe even. Also when Odo meets his people and then finds the shocking truth about them is a bit surprising.
Anyway this show is on Netflix and Amazon Prime and it might not be as good as the Original Star Trek and the Next Generation it’s good in it’s own rights. Even got a couple of emmy’s when it came out as well.