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I ended up getting one of these since I heard the PS4 is doing better than the Xbox One sales wise. Heard all of the things it can do like voice commands through the headset. Easy sharing of videos and pictures setting, sleep mode, and even regza-link meaning you can turn the PS4 on automatically.
I also heard the graphics are a bit better than the Xbox One but I can’t really tell too much. There’s also PlayStation now which is kind of like Netflix for the PS3 and PS4. Where you can play PS3 games through the Wi-Fi but I heard it’s a little buggy even with a wired connection. Also you can’t download DLC since that’s just add on stuff.
In the end the PS4 seems to be a good system so far on my end. The stuff I learned was from this video called “10 Hacks and Tips for the PS4” and you can look it up YouTube if you can.